Real Cases Missing laptop with data on 540,000 N.Y. state workers found Jul 26 2006 08:14PM
Daniel Jimenez (dgj1menez hotmail com)
The computer had been missing since May 9
By: Todd Weiss
July 26, 2006 (Computerworld)

A laptop computer containing personal information on more than half a
million New York state workers has been found after it disappeared May 9
from the offices of a third-party data management company.

In a statement today, the company -- Chicago-based CS Stars -- said the
laptop belonging to the New York Special Funds Conservation Committee "has
been found and secured."

Al Modugno, a spokesman for CS Stars, said he was notified today of the
laptop's recovery, though he would not comment further on whether it had
been lost or stolen, adding that the incident is still being probed by law
enforcement authorities.

"That's part of what the FBI is still investigating," Modugno said. "I can't
really give you any more detail on that."
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Daniel Jimenez

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