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what do the wifi switches on laptops really do? Jan 29 2008 02:51PM
Robin Wood (dninja gmail com)
It sounds like a daft question but what to the wifi switches on
laptops actually do? I've been using my Toshiba with built in rtl8187
all morning and just noticed that the switch says that wifi is off
but it wasn't.

Unfortunately this card won't go into Master mode so I can't test if I
could bring up as an AP but I guess you could as the wireless tools
weren't complaining about any problems.

The fact that people will assume that wifi is completely off because
the switch says its off means that potentially a user could, with best
intentions, switch it off but still in reality have it turned on.

All this was in linux, windows may be different I haven't tested it.

I'm guessing that the switch just triggers software which linux
ignores, is this just Toshiba or do other brands act in the same way?


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