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RE: what do the wifi switches on laptops really do? Jan 30 2008 02:49PM
TStrube otpco com
I believe the switch just powers off the wireless transceiver in most laptop models. A detailed schematic of each laptop may be needed to confirm.

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Ive been asking the same question for quite some time now. I own an acer
laptop with atheros based mini-pci wlan card. When I press my wlan
poweroff-button on Ubuntu the only thing that happens is that no more
wlans are detected in range, but iwconfig/ifconfig detects the hardware
as if I did nothing....dmesg says sth about some unrecognised key
pressed but thats all. I wonder how the switch interacts with my
hardware....On windows xp (with official drivers) the card is disabled
in device-manager when i press the button but not deactivated entirely...


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