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Bluetooth earpiece with settable PIN? Jun 20 2008 06:28PM
Jarrod Frates (jfrates ml gmail com) (1 replies)
Re: Bluetooth earpiece with settable PIN? Jun 20 2008 10:24PM
Sean Brackeen (seanieb64 gmail com)
I think most bluetooth headsets' PIN numbers can be changed fro their
default, but you have to connect them with USB and run a driver, either
that or set it after you have paired the device and unpaired it, usually
it's in the settings where you set the device name, you might need to
hook it in via USB or whatever connection is provided (usually USB)

Jarrod Frates wrote:
> Does anyone know of any Bluetooth earpieces out there with settable
> PINs? Aside from exchanging the hassle of dragging cables with me for
> both convenience and improved security starting on 01 July (new law in
> California about driving and hands-free calling), I'd like to be able
> to play more in-depth with some of the Bluetooth research that has
> come out in the last couple of years, particularly that involving
> intercepting voices picked up by Bluetooth accessories for phones.
> In addition, I thought I read about a new addition to the Bluetooth
> protocol coming in the next few months (or perhaps out already) that
> improved key exchange, but I can't find it now. Does this ring a bell
> for anyone?

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