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Vista Wireless Power Tools paper Dec 16 2008 08:15PM
Joshua Wright (jwright hasborg com) (1 replies)
Re: Vista Wireless Power Tools paper Dec 18 2008 03:45PM
Richard Farina (sidhayn gmail com) (1 replies)
First of all, thanks! The rest is inline.

Joshua Wright wrote:
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> A few months ago I broke down and bought a new machine with Vista. As
> it turns out, the new wireless stack and exposed wireless API's
> available with Vista's NDIS 6 model are pretty cool, and provide a lot
> of functionality that just wasn't available in Windows XP.
> I spent some time putting together a few new tools and describing
> techniques where a Vista machine with a NDIS 6 wireless adapter could be
> used to explore and exploit wireless networks. This paper is written in
> the style of the classic Unix Power Tools tome, intended for an audience
> of penetration testers but valuable for anyone concerned about the
> security of wireless networks.
> Paper: http://www.inguardians.com/pubs/articles.html
Have not had a chance to read all of this yet but it looks very interesting.
> Tools: http://www.inguardians.com/tools/index.html
I notice you included source... how very very kind :-)

Do you happen to have available any other ndis documentation available,
or have you released all that you can?

...I bet you know why I am asking...

-Rick Farina
> Comments and feedback are most welcome. Thanks!
> - -Josh
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Re: Vista Wireless Power Tools paper Dec 18 2008 05:43PM
Joshua Wright (jwright hasborg com)


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