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802.11n Poll Results, Analysis, and Additional Questionþ Mar 10 2009 04:45AM
Douglas Haider (douglashaider hotmail com) (1 replies)

Thanks to all of those that responded to the 802.11n poll question I
posted a couple weeks ago! There were 118 votes, as of this morning and
here are the results:

In what frequency band do you plan to deploy 802.11n?
2.4 GHz - 16%
5 GHz - 13%
Both (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) - 18%
Not sure: why does it matter? - 8%
No plans to deploy 802.11n - 45%

Two things surprised me: First, the lack of pure 5 GHz responses - I
published a blog post on CWNP.com (who provides vendor-neutral wireless
certifications) comparing of 2.4 GHz vs. 5 GHz.

My analysis is posted here:
_ghz.html There are already 13 comments, but I would like you to weigh in on the discussion as well!

The other thing that surprised me was the high number of people who responded that they had no plans to deploy 802.11n. What is the main reason you choose not to deploy 802.11n? Price? Speed? Reliability? I have created another single-question poll here: http://wifijedi.com/

Please take 15 quick seconds
to respond to this poll. I would be happy to publish the results once
I have a statistically valid number of responses. I appreciate your


Douglas J. Haider

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Re: 802.11n Poll Results, Analysis, and Additional Questionþ Mar 10 2009 01:20PM
Serguei A. Mokhov (mokhov cs concordia ca)


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