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differentiating wired and wireless clients in Kismet Jul 20 2009 03:47PM
Robin Wood (dninja gmail com)
I've got an embeded device which is running Kismet original. Because
the device has limited storage I'm only having Kismet create the .xml
file and from that I want to know which clients are wireless and which
are wired.

I've been looking at the type attribute in the wireless-client element
and was working on fromds being wired and tods being wireless but for
some clients that are definitely wireless I'm getting a type of

First, why would I get this, and second, without a pcap is there any
way to get the correct answer in this situation? I've got limited
space but I could add extra tools if there is anything else anyone can
recommend that would help sort out what is what.

The device is running OpenWrt.


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