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The Skinny On How Not To Write An Article About WPA-PSK Nov 15 2010 08:21PM
Paul Asadoorian (paul pauldotcom com)
I have to say, I am really digging this blog (I mean it is called "naked
security", which is really close to "hack naked", or is it?). I
referenced several articles from it on a few podcasts. However, an
article was posted titled, "Dear Starbucks: The skinny on how you can be
a security hero", and well, should have had a few more eyes on it before
it went public:


They did come clean and present the real (?) facts, that in a WPA-PSK
network you can decrypt anyone's traffic that joins the network after
you (which I am assuming is correct, unless the experts on this list
present evidence to the contrary or I get off my lazy ass and look it up

Enjoy the article for a good laugh while I go back and review some of
its earlier posts that I mentioned....


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