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Proxim QuickBridge Traffic Dec 09 2010 06:04PM
jmk (jmk foofus net)

I'm examining a couple of Proxim QuickBridge links and found that while
Kismet detects them, no traffic for is visible in the pcap. After a bit
of reading, it appears that this traffic may be encapsulated in some
non-standard manner and needs to be extracted from the pcap. I've seen
mention of a qbextract (http://802.11ninja.net/code/qbextract.tgz) tool,
but the link isn't valid and I'm unable to find it anywhere else. I'm
wondering if anyone has this and would be willing to share. ;)

I apologize if this has been discussed on the list before. I just joined
and didn't see an archive search...


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