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win xp wirless drivers and promisc mode Jan 16 2011 10:55PM
Chris Hammond-Thrasher (thrashor gmail com)
been trying out firesheep under win xp with a couple of platforms in the lab
(an rt8187 and an ar5007eg). so far, neither are willing to go into
promiscuous mode. is this common with windoze drivers?

firesheep is much less easy for the average jane and joe if you have to arp
poison to make it work, and easy was the point, right?


Chris Hammond-Thrasher
thrashor (at) gmail (dot) com [email concealed]
gpg key fingerprint 3A27 0754 C0DD 6D3D 5E79 E4CF AF2A BE86 B0A6 367C

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