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testing a Cisco WCS Mar 22 2011 10:24AM
Robin Wood (robin digininja org) (1 replies)
RE: testing a Cisco WCS Mar 25 2011 09:18PM
Neaves, Tom (tom neaves uk verizonbusiness com)

I usually look at the WCS after I've looked at the individual WLCs that
are in scope. I then look at global settings from a 'best security
practice' as well as performing some GAP analysis between the
implemented configuration and settings against the intended
configuration from their technical design document. For example, does
the organisation's security policy specify logging must be set to "90
days" for compliance reasons but on the WCS (and also the WLCs) it is
set to "7 days" or no logging at all? Cisco's best security practices
are somewhat helpful but you will have to dig a little deeper with your
security hat on. It is also worth running a few reports on the WCS to
check for inconsistencies between different WLCs and to flag these to
the client to determine if these were deliberate or a mistake.

Also, check if it is running the latest version of WCS. I hear there is
a nasty XSS in the old one. ;o)

<plug> http://www.tomneaves.com/Cisco_Wireless_Control_System_XSS.txt


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Anything specific I should be looking for when doing an audit against a
Cisco WCS system?



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