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The ISM Community is Open Again May 03 2007 02:39PM
Mark Curphey (mark curphey com)
The ISM Community is Open Again

First off an apology. When we started the ISM-Community in January, there
was lots of interest and initial activity. Lots of people wanted to start
projects and start chapters and we quickly realized it would have become
very unmanageable with the way we had the portal organized, especially for
chapters. We put it on freeze for the last month while we built out the site
etc and structured it in a way that it can grow without collapsing under its
own weight in a few months. The good news is its almost all complete now and
the site is open for business again.


Organization and Projects
We decided to organize into focus areas, each one having a leader, a blog,
discussion forum / mailing list and a file storage area. Each focus area can
then host discussions and work on projects. They are all looking for active

We have five areas initially;

Risk Management - Michael Smith
Identity and Privacy - Karen Lawrence Oqvist
Polices ad Standards - Mark Curphey
Training Awareness - Tim smith
Commons - Mark Curphey

We have decided to adopt the FreeBSD documentation licenses that means
everything is open for everyone to use however they wish with virtually no
restrictions whatsoever.

You can register for a free account on the portal to post but you don't need
to if you just want to follow along. The forums will be upgraded to a
combination of forums that are also a mailing list sometime next week. This
gives us the best of both worlds. Mailing list or BBS but it's really the
same and your choice! We also have blogs for each focus area leader and file
storage for projects.

There are now sponsorship opportunities at every level; corporate to
personal. All money will be ploughed back into the community to work on
projects, much like OWASP does through its grant giving system.

Chapters Management
This weekend we will start using an application to manage local chapters.
People will be able to create a chapter and arrange meetings online and
others can then find local chapters and browse the meetings and archives
(presentations etc). You can even get updated about meetings by RSS and
calendars integration. It should make running and participating in a chapter
a pleasure and as we can simply retire chapters automatically that don't
setup meetings etc within 15 days of forming online we won't have stale or
inactive chapters.

Various projects are starting now and looking for volunteers so we really
hope you will come and join the community!


Mark Curphey

Blog - http://www.securitybuddha.com
Fun - http://www.securitybullshit.com
Community - http://www.ism-community.org

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