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RE: How Leopard Addresses Security Oct 31 2007 01:36AM
Rex Sanders (rsanders usgs gov)
Most of the firewall problems reported in this article were present in
previous versions - i.e. no news.

The author exaggerates in the conclusions: "The Mac OS X Leopard firewall
failed every test." when his own testing shows otherwise!

Valid criticisms might be:

- Apple has has not made significant improvements in the GUI firewall

- Leopard continues to have poor default firewall settings.

- Leopard mislead one security researcher in configuration choices.

-- Rex

At 6:10 PM -0700 10/30/07, Todd Woodward wrote:
>Another article for your consideration:
>Leopard with chinks in its armour: A second look at the Mac OS X Leopard
>Direct Link:
>TinyURL Link:
>TinyURL Preview Link:

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