Outbound Connections Jul 06 2006 05:33PM
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Re: Outbound Connections Jul 07 2006 03:50AM
Ted Pham (telamon cmu edu) (1 replies)
> The [System] process (PID 4 on this Windows XP Pro Box) is making strange
> outbound connections to unknown IP address spaces on one of our machines.
> It tries to connect to port 139 and 445. Is there any way to figure out
> what is causing the system process to do this? The connections do not
> seem to be successful. The Packet trace shows the outbound SYS and then
> nothing. Any help would be appreciated!
> Thanks!

I haven't actually tested this on a compromised system before, but it's worth a shot.

1) Get Process Explorer from
2) Run Process Explorer.
3) Right click the System process and choose Properties.
4) On the TCP/IP tab, locate one of the strange outbound connections and then hit the Stack button.

Hopefully whatever driver or dll opening the connections is listed on the thread stack.

Then again, if it's clver the thing could be cloaking itself. In that case try Rootkit Revealer.

Good luck,


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