Odd traffic again...... internal --> (137-udp) Aug 24 2006 02:42PM
loki74 (loki74 gmail com)
I have posted before about a windows box that sent traffic to
different ip's to port 137, and never really got a solution to it. We
have sinced wiped that box. Now we have a new box, built in a DMZ
(Freshh install, all patches applied) and just connected it to the
internal lan (behind fw). The box now sends UDP port 137 to The permiter firewall blocks this, and that is where
it was noticed. I have started logging on my firewall to find out who
it was, and it is an internal box.

Cisco ACL:

Aug 24 12:28:42: %SEC-6-IPACCESSLOGP: list internal_out denied udp
x.x.x.x(49375) ->, 5 packets

Firewall Log:

eth4c0:i[78]: 192.168.x.x -> (UDP) len=78 id=13167
UDP: 137 -> 137
eth4c0:I[78]: 192.168.x.x -> (UDP) len=78 id=13167
UDP: 137 -> 137
eth1c0:o[78]: 192.168.x.x -> (UDP) len=78 id=13167
UDP: 137 -> 137
eth1c0:O[78]: -> (UDP) len=78 id=13167
UDP: 49902 -> 137

I am now capturing the traffic again, though there is nothing in it.
Anyone ever seen this?


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