RES: Massive SPAM Increase Oct 10 2006 09:19PM
Tiago Quadra (tquadra multiplan com br) (1 replies)
Re: RES: Massive SPAM Increase Oct 11 2006 06:45AM
Paul Dean (paul thecave ws) (3 replies)
Re: RES: Massive SPAM Increase Oct 11 2006 07:29PM
Jamie Riden (jamesr europe com)
On 11/10/06, Paul Dean <paul (at) thecave (dot) ws [email concealed]> wrote:
> Hya All,
> Anyone bother to think about using the wonderful rbl lists provided by
> lots of fast healthy servers around the world.
> IE,, <snip>

Definitely. I was using sbl+xbl at a largish University and it was
throwing away something like 50% of our inbound mail with no false
positives. But it's good to deploy it as tagging/warning before you
actually go to rejecting mail. Apart from that, rejecting hosts which
tried to HELO as us worked well. (Internal hosts didn't deliver to the
MXs, so we knew anything claiming to be us was bogus.) We couldn't
use the rDNS checks as too many local organisations don't have valid
records and we were rejecting lots of mail that people wanted.

But I think this stuff is all covered in the FAQs of your favourite
MTA and it's not quite what the OP was asking about.

Jamie Riden, CISSP / jamesr (at) europe (dot) com [email concealed] / jamie.riden (at) gmail (dot) com [email concealed]
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Re: Massive SPAM Increase Oct 11 2006 05:33PM
Tillmann Werner (tillmann werner gmx de)
Re: RES: Massive SPAM Increase Oct 11 2006 04:08PM
Michael T. Babcock (mike triplepc com)


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