Malware/trojan attacks Oct 24 2006 02:53PM
Goetz, Richard (RGoetz Kronos com) (1 replies)
RE: Malware/trojan attacks Oct 26 2006 12:47PM
lucretias (lucretias shaw ca) (1 replies)
RE: Malware/trojan attacks Oct 26 2006 03:49PM
Harlan Carvey (keydet89 yahoo com) (1 replies)
RE: Malware/trojan attacks Oct 27 2006 12:21AM
lucretias (lucretias shaw ca)

> Just out of curiosity, what are you seeing that leads you to
> say this? I'm not sure that I see anything in Richard's
> original email that suggests a rootkit at this point.

I have seen broken or failed attempts that resemble this. Not identical or
using the same IP's, but using a trojan to infect, then quickly get the
backdoors in place, but they don't work or may not work. I don't know if it
is part of a rootkit, or other malware, it simply reminded me of this event
so I thought I'd mention it.

> > You should determine (if possible) what rootkit has infected the
> > machine.
> > It sounds like a new variant or perhaps a new tool altogether.
> Again, what leads you to think this, if you don't mind me asking?

What leads me to ask to check for rootkits? Well there is a variety of
software available that can do this. Why not? Maybe something (else)
suspicious will pop up.

I wasn't trying to be conclusive, just making a suggestion. Sorry if anyone
misunderstood as a result.

> > I would suggest wiping the box and rebuilding it if you cannot
> > determine exactly what is the culprit or any way to clean it.
> Hhhmmm...if it is a rootkit, then perhaps wiping/reinstalling
> may be the way to go, but I'd suggest further investigation
> and a root cause analysis first. Even if Richard were to
> find out what the malware is (looks like an IRCbot at this
> point), without a root cause analysis (and subsequent actions
> as a result), the system will likely be reinfected all over again.

I'd agree. Further analysis is warranted.

But if it was a simple trojan a detection and clean would solve the problem.
Since there appears to be some unknown variables still suspect, I'd look at
it like a rootkit, if it turns into a simple spam or ddos tool then so be
it. If it's a bot, then that is like many, many different malwares...what
the bot does is certainly more important.


James Friesen, CIO
Lucretia Enterprises
Our World Is Here
info at lucretia dot ca

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