Re: Re: New UDP port probed (36970) Dec 12 2006 11:10PM
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Worm attack on our network this morning -- anyone else see this? Dec 13 2006 09:04PM
David Gillett (gillettdavid fhda edu)
Late Monday afternoon, I noticed that a machine was scanning random
addresses across both campuses using port 135 (DCE). I blocked the port and
tracked the machine to the support area, where one of the techs was
reformatting a laptop.
Late Tuesday afternoon, I noticed similar traffic from another machine,
and blocked that port.

This morning, that second machine showed up somewhere else on campus, and
similar traffic was flooding from 22 additional machines, 19 at the big
campus and 3 at the other -- most appear to also be laptops.

In addition to spreading via port 135, I've also seen:

1. At least one machine eventually started similar scanning on port 445

2. These machines all try to "phone home" to port 7654 of a remote machine.
I've got that blocked now, but one succeeded and appeared to be talking IRC
over that port, reporting a "successful file download" to/from an additional
machine which (so far) doesn't appear to have been trying to spread the
infection further.

I've got the "phone home" traffic blocked, and the known infected machines
null-routed at the gateway, which *should* make it just about impossible for
them to infect outside their own VLANs.

The targets are all PCs, and most seem to be laptops. I'm thinking about
this week's MS Office 0days, and maybe about recent wireless driver
vulnerabilities, but this *could* be something older that walked in on a
visiting laptop....

David Gillett

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