Re: Increased activity on port 110 Feb 27 2007 07:29AM
joakim berge gmail com (1 replies)
Anybody recognize this Solaris compromise? Apr 13 2007 06:46PM
David Gillett (gillettdavid fhda edu) (2 replies)
I've got a Solaris machine on my network that has acquired
an unauthorized behaviour of unknown origin. Every night,
from 1:10:30am until 6:00:30am, it tries to establish outbound
telnet connections to addresses all over the Internet.

The addresses appear to be random, although at any given moment
the last octets of the targets seem to be the same, plus or minus
1. It rather looks as if there are multiple threads, each gradually
incrementing the last octet in parallel with the others. I haven't
yet determined if perhaps each thread has a constant set of the first
three octets, or whether they're random with each attempt.

When it succeeded in connecting to a few servers -- before I
blocked outbound Telnet from that machine -- it went through the
initial Telnet negotiation of parameters and terminal type, and then
let the session expire, never attempting to log in.
So it rather looks like the purpose is to build a database of
reachable Telnet servers. I have not found anything yet that looks
like an attempt to deliver that database or to collect it from
outside. The regularity of the start and stop times suggests that
it's running on autopilot.

The machine is running the SIRSI library application; it's possible
that the vulnerability is associated with that and not generically with
Solaris. We're not heavy Solaris users here, and so IT doesn't support
that machine -- I'm trying to help our SIRSI admin pin down what's going
on so they can determine how to identify and remove the culprit. Also we
don't know what other tricks it may have up its sleeve....

David Gillett

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Re: Anybody recognize this Solaris compromise? Apr 13 2007 09:30PM
Axel Pettinger (api worldonline de)
Re: Anybody recognize this Solaris compromise? Apr 13 2007 08:50PM
Jamie Riden (jamie riden gmail com) (2 replies)
Re: Anybody recognize this Solaris compromise? Apr 13 2007 09:43PM
Tim (tim-forensics sentinelchicken org)
Re: Anybody recognize this Solaris compromise? Apr 13 2007 09:42PM
Matthew T. Fata (matt credibleinstitution org)


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