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p1g (killfactory gmail com)
BY professional do you mean commercial, as in $$$$?

Im not familiar with solutions that collect the logs. But, Enterasys
Dragon Security Command Console in a Security Information Manager

It will do way more that what you looking for.

IMO, you should providing the level of monitoring nad correlation that
this solution provides, at a minimum. <- again at a minimum.

signature detection/protection, syslog, NBAD(google if you are not
familiar), NetFlow, etc.

But if you are only interested in what can be monitored on a linux/unix system,

check this guy out. Marcus Ranum.
His site:

Click on 'Papers' and then click ' Artificial Ignorance' for an
enlightning and insightful method of thinning the log pile to entries
of interest.

Good luck and I think you will enjoy the link provided.

p1g out.

On 2/14/08, Jason Alexander <jalexander (at) plus (dot) net [email concealed]> wrote:
> Hi all
> Im looking for a good security event log parser for linux/unix systems. All logs are in syslog format. Just want to be able to point the tool at a bunch of logs and drag out what is usefull.... Already use some cutom written scripts but could do with something a little more proffesional....
> cheers

o" )~ oink oink
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Martin A. Brown (martin linux-ip net)
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Valdis Kletnieks vt edu


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