Security log parser Feb 14 2008 09:16AM
Jason Alexander (jalexander plus net) (5 replies)
Re: Security log parser Feb 15 2008 05:48PM
Bob Toxen (vger verysecurelinux com)
I find the Open Source Logcheck program to be the best. (The only thing
that logwatch does that logcheck does not is to tell the number and
details of brute-force password guessing.)

Also, I've enhanced it to be even better by causing it to list any
given event only once in the highest-priority category that applies.
I've also enhanced it to accept a second set of emails that only get
the high-priority events, not "Unusual events". (Anyone is welcome to
email me and I'll send the tarball of my enhanced version.)

Best regards,

Bob Toxen, CTO
Horizon Network Security
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backup software, and Network Security consulting, in business for
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bob (at) VerySecureLinux (dot) com [email concealed] (e-mail)

My article on "The Seven Deadly Sins of Linux Security" was
published in the May/June 2007 issue of ACM's QUEUE Magazine.

On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 09:16:17AM +0000, Jason Alexander wrote:
> Hi all

> Im looking for a good security event log parser for linux/unix
> systems. All logs are in syslog format. Just want to be able to point
> the tool at a bunch of logs and drag out what is usefull.... Already
> use some cutom written scripts but could do with something a little
> more proffesional....

> cheers

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Re: Security log parser Feb 15 2008 11:14AM
Sebastien Tricaud (stricaud inl fr)
Re: Security log parser Feb 15 2008 12:47AM
p1g (killfactory gmail com)
Re: Security log parser Feb 14 2008 05:20PM
Martin A. Brown (martin linux-ip net)
Re: Security log parser Feb 14 2008 05:12PM
Valdis Kletnieks vt edu


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