SPAM drop? Mar 31 2008 07:33AM
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Re: SPAM drop? Mar 31 2008 09:55PM
Randy Wyatt (rwwyatt01 gmail com) (1 replies)
> Not that I want to complain -

I was going to say that you can have some of mine if you are missing it.

> but I have observed a massive drop in
> (unsuccessful because blocked) SPAM deliveries - only ~10% compared to only
> 2 weeks ago (or only 20% of the average of this year).
> Has anyone else observed this?
> What might be the reason?
> Could that effect be amplified even more?

Actually, I am seeing more spam directly evade the existing filters
and getting delivered to the end user.
Especially things that should be caught such as Spams with the word
penis (I work for a Telecom's firm), although my users have figured
out how to complain to others that I am a Dick without it being

> Thanks
> Volker Tanger
> PS: the massive drop early january was due to a mail server failure,
> thus does not count...


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Re: SPAM drop? Apr 01 2008 05:40PM
crazy frog crazy frog (i m crazy frog gmail com)


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