Malware IRC/DNS Network Activity May 08 2008 09:02AM
Matteo Cantoni (matteo cantoni nothink org)
Hi list,

with my adsl + soekris + openbsd + honeypot + perl I made a simple pages
about "Malware IRC/DNS Network Activity".

These pages will be update automatically every day.
You can also download a "TOTAL CSV FILE" with these informations:

md5,file size, anubis results, dns query, irc server, irc server asn, irc
server asn_org, irc server geo, irc nickname, irc username, irc password,
irc channel, irc topic.

For this moment have been identified around 900 distinct binaries.
I think that you have already this informations but maybe it could be
useful for your works.

Matteo Cantoni

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