Weird Traffic May 27 2008 11:59AM
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--On May 27, 2008 7:59:29 AM -0400 Jonathan Adams <keirre.adams (at) gmail (dot) com [email concealed]>

> All,
> I have a leased server I use to host some websites and for the past
> week I have been getting traffic warnings. The server has been
> transferring > 1GB of data per day, which is unusually high,
> especially since I moved my mail to Google Apps. I have noticed a
> ridiculous amount of attempted proxying attemptes in my logs, but I do
> not have mod proxy turned on. I suspect my server is on some list. I
> firewalled off a large number of subnets from China and my traffic
> dropped for a few days, then this morning, 2735MB transferred in 24
> hrs.
> As of right now, I am planning to blackhole all China traffic, since
> thats where most of this is comming from, along with the occasional
> traffic from France and other places in Eur. Is this common? If so
> are there any other remedies?

No it's not common. And it's unlikely that denied proxy attempts would
generate so many gigs of outgoing traffic, unless you're sending back a
really large chunk of HTML for your ErrorDocument. I'd look elsewhere for
the source on your server. Try using tcpdump, weeding out *your* ssh
traffic (since you'd see the packets transferring your packets....) and the
web traffic, see what's left. You could also use/try something like ntop
although I've found ntop to not be very stable in high traffic in the past.

If it is web traffic it's really doubtfully the request denied traffic.

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