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ToorCon 8 Call for Papers Closing Tomorrow & Workshops/Seminars Added Aug 17 2006 10:30PM
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Just wanted to let you know that the ToorCon 8 CFP will be closing at
the end of Friday, August 18th (tomorrow). If you're interested in
submitting, please make sure you get your submissions in before midnight
tomorrow. For more info, check out the CFP at:


To check out some of the really sweet submissions we've received (in all
of their ascii/ansi art glory), check out some of the following links:




Tom St Denis (requires Firefox)


Gabriel Lawrence & Patrick Nehls

Tom Cross


Currently, the general conference is $70 to pre-register, which will
increase to $80 on September 1st. We haven't posted any talks yet, but
should have the finalized schedule up by Monday, August 21st.


This year we will once again be having the Deep Knowledge Seminars on
Friday, September 29th, right before the general conference. We are
currently still working on the lineup, which will consist of 5 90 minute
sessions, but are offering this as a more corporate oriented session and
limiting the attendance to 20 people. The current pre-registration price
is $500, but is reduced to $300 if you register in conjunction with a
Workshop. The prices will be increasing to $800 on September 1st, and
will be $1,000 at the door, so pre-register soon!


We are also proud to announce that we are having 2 hands-on workshops
this year:

~ Hardware Hacking Workshop ~
Instructor: bunnie
Dates: Monday, October 2nd, 2006
Price: $900
Availability: 9 seats remaining
Includes: Secret-bunnie-hardware, Soldering toolkit, & Cables

This one-day workshop will introduce you to the basics of embedded
processor hacking. In this unique workshop, you will get to hack a
commercial embedded system for a product to be launched in Late August.
The workshop will be held by the embedded electronics' designer. As a
result, material will be presented from two perspectives when relevant:
from that of a designer, and from that of a hacker. The workshop will
begin with an overview of the hardware, and the design process that went
into the hardware. Then, we will delve into the backdoors built into the
product that can be used to commandeer the hardware for your purposes.
You will learn several methods for attacking the embedded OS. Finally,
you will build and add a small sensor module to the hardware. The
workshop will conclude with the briefest introduction to writing drivers
for this sensor module in Linux.

We assume that the workshop attendee has minimal to no familiarity with
hardware, but is fluent in C and assembly, and has a solid understanding
of Linux OS fundamentals.

~ Building/Hacking Open Source Embedded Wireless Mesh Routers ~
Instructor: Ken Caruso & Matt Westervelt
Dates: Monday, October 2nd, 2006
Price: $900
Availability: 8 seats remaining
Includes: Soekris AP, Wireless Card, Case, & Antenna

This class will take a very effective approach to teach you the basics
of embedded hacking and wireless mesh. First we give you your own
embedded wireless box to work on (which you take home at the end of the
class). Second we teach you how to bootstrap it with an operating system
while keeping it within the 64megabyte space limitation on the device.
Third we teach you how to take this platform and make it part of a
wireless mesh network using three different Open Source mesh
implementations. Fourth we cover security issues with these protocols,
how to mitigate and how to take advantage of them.


We are finalizing our list of vendors and sponsors, so if you are
interested in sponsoring, please contact us soon! We have our
sponsorship rates posted up at
and don't hesitate to reply to this email to discuss the different options.


Located in sunny San Diego during September for the past 8 years,
ToorCon has been providing a meeting place for many of the top hackers
and security professionals from all around the world to get together and
discuss today's bleeding edge issues. ToorCon's main goal is to provide
a low cost conference with a high quality atmosphere.

This year we are still aiming to provide the same highly technical
lectures you've come to know and love, but also set the theme as "Bits &
Bites" which will highlight the low level skills of the trade and focus
on Reverse Engineering, Protocol Analysis, Cryptography, Hardware Hacks,
and other nifty bit-twiddling and byte munging techniques.

ToorCon 8: Bits & Bites
September 29th-October 2nd, 2006
San Diego Convention Center
Rooms 24-26
111 W. Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101

Hope to see all of you there!

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