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Hackers to Hackers Conferece III - Call for Papers Aug 30 2006 03:23PM
Rodrigo Rubira Branco (BSDaemon) (rodrigo kernelhacking com)
General Objectives

The H2HC have as mainly objective offer a national and internation
conference for Brazilians Hackers, strongly the ethical of hacking.

We have as mission change and desmistify the word hacker from the
pejoractive sense to show the hacker as who works in software research and
security, possing a professional ethic to protect the organizations. Who
destroy systems? Crackers!.

H2HC tries to protect the liberty of information and for a better and
security world network.

Lots of discussions about diversity topics in security/unsecurity area will
be discussed, development of softwares and tools, new technologies and
talks, discussions foruns and of course, experience exchange and meetings!

Call for Papers H2HC III / November - 2006

The call for papers is open for the Hackers to Hackers Conference. This is
not an academic conference, so, the submission process will be really
simple. The attender must sent the form bellow by mail (attached using
OpenDocument format or in the mail body).

- Submission of articles

The articles can be written in portuguese or english. .

The proposal must be sent to Rodrigo Rubira Branco (BSDaemon) - rodrigo at com o Subject: H2HC - 2006.

O H2HC will choose in first time proposals with pratic demonstrations (code
samples, implementation issues, et al). As possible, all the needed
equipaments will be offered by the organization (please, inform your needs).
If we can offer it, the attender must have it. All the samples must be sent
together in the submission (attached in the mail), to be better understood.

- Full Name:
- Submissoin Date:
- Title:
- Email:
- Company and job function:
- Has the speaker spoken at a previous H2HC?:
- Needed time:
* Can be : 50 minutos (+10 para perguntas)
120 minutos
- Have pratical samples?:
- Will release a new tool?:
- New vuln will be showed?:
- New technique will be showed?:
- What is the public interaction?:
- Basic knowledge needed to understand the talk:
- Talk description:
- Attached files (put all the files that will be used and a brief
description of these files):
- Speaker bio:
- Additional observations and comments:

- Dates

* Submissions: until August, 30th
* Notifications of acceptance September, 30th.


Rodrigo (BSDaemon).


Kernel Hacking: If i really know, i can hack

GPG KeyID: 5E90CA19

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