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Yet another SQL injection framework Apr 19 2007 06:44PM
Guillermo Marro (gmmarro flowgate net) (1 replies)
Hi List,

FG-Injector is a free tool that leverages the pentester's work by
facilitating the exploitation of SQL Injection vulnerabilities.

It includes a a powerful proxy feature for intercepting and modifying
HTTP requests, a network spy module to allow the analyst view HTTP
requests and their corresponding responses and an inference engine for
automating SQL injection exploitation.

The Inference Engine Module of the FG-Injector Framework automates the
generation and injection of SQL statements needed for exploitation of a
Blind SQL Injection. This module will work also for regular injections
using the same method. It can produce blind injections on web/app
servers using MS SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgresSql DBMSs.

Get both, sources and a windows binary from:

Guillermo Marro
F L O W G A T E Consulting
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Rosario - 2000
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Re: Yet another SQL injection framework (file corruption) Apr 20 2007 11:56AM
Guillermo Marro (gmmarro flowgate net)


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