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Exotic vulnerability Jun 26 2007 06:23PM
joxeankoret (joxeankoret yahoo es) (1 replies)


I'm trying to develop an exploit for a product in which I found a
vulnerability and that is the most "exotic" one I found. The following C
source recreates the vulnerability:

#include <stdio.h>

void func(int var)
__asm__("mov (%eax), %eax");
__asm__("call *%eax");


int main(int argc, char *argv[])
int i;

printf("Value is 0x%x\n", atoi(argv[1]));
i = atoi(argv[1]);

When the process calls the function "func" EAX has the value stored in the
variable "i", next the process makes the call "mov (%eax), %eax" and next
calls %eax. I have not be found a way to exploit it.

Any ideas in how can be exploited to execute arbitrary code? BTW, I'm trying
to exploit it under Linux x86.

Joxean Koret

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Re: Exotic vulnerability Jun 28 2007 09:24AM
Thomas Pollet (thomas pollet gmail com)


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