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DeepSec IDSC 2007 Vienna Registration Now Open Sep 03 2007 09:23AM
Paul Böhm (paul boehm org)
Good News Everyone,

The DeepSec IDSC 2007 Registration has begun at

Since we've received a lot of great feedback so far, we've made some
changes to the conference since the initial announcement.

* 36 top-notch Talks instead of 26. (see
- we had over a hundred great submissions, and rejecting so many has
been really hard on us!
* 5 Trainings instead of 4 (we're thinking about adding two more! -
you'll be able to switch if you like one of the added ones better)
* We're using the whole Hotel Floor now (see
* We'll get specialist atmospheric design and lightning by the same
agency that's been working with the Chaos Computer Club and Cap Gemini
Berlin for a while now. (

And in addition to all this, at the conference you'll have as announced before:
* Great Networking Opportunities
* Web Hacking Competition
* Live Capture the Flag Contest by Hack in the Box
* Evening Parties at the Roboexotica Cocktail Robotics Festival (see including two free drinks!
* After Party at the Metalab Hackerspace on Saturday (

Register here now:

Finally we'd like to thank our sponsors SEC-Consult, T-Systems,
Telekom Austria, Microsoft, Phion, and Secure Network, as well as all
our community and media partners for making this event possible.

Oh, and if you still want to sponsor us - hurry up - our print
materials will leave the office soon!

Have a great time and see you soon in Vienna!

The DeepSec Team!

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