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3COM TFTPD Overflow: SEH Overwrite Jan 25 2008 02:58PM
jeremy junginger gmail com
I'm attempting to exploit an already known bug in 3COM TFTPD server, and execute "calc.exe" with my shellcode. I have control of ECX/EIP, and can overwrite both SEH and pointer to next SEH successfully, and have used:

Pointer to next SEH: \xeb\x10\x90\x90

SEH: \x69\x12\xab\x71 (POP/POP/RET in ws2_32.dll)

A full writeup with screenshots is available at:

I'm getting "Debugged program was unable to process exception", so I hit shift+f9 (in olly) and it terminates with some strange exit code. Could you take a peek and see what I'm missing here?

Thanks guys!


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