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default for requiring authentication 2003 Jun 12 2008 02:45AM
Murda Mcloud (murdamcloud bigpond com)

I'm having a debate with someone over whether a 2003 server by default
(OOB)forces someone to authenticate(whether to a DC or to the server itself
if standalone) before allowing access to files.

He seems to think that the default is that no authentication is required and
consequently anyone could rock up and connect a laptop to a network with
that server on it and get access to files on it-as the EVERYONE group is
given read permissions to new folders etc.

I say he is wrong but am looking hard to find something to back me up.

I understand that the guest account could access files as it is part of the
EVERYONE group but it's disabled by default-but still, there is an
authentication process for guest to login

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