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RE: Hardening SharePoint 2010 on Win 2008 R2 Dec 20 2010 01:15PM
sarbjit singh gill (ssgill gilltechnologies com)
First you need this: ->
Windows 2008 security guide. --> SharePoint
hardening guide.

Next you need to monitor your environment for security related
changes/events which are out of the normal.
Something like -->

Sarbjit Singh

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My company is working on the new internet web site.
It is going to be based on Sharepoint 2010 on Windows 2008 R2.

They are very new platform (very very new for me :-( ). Do you know of any
hardening guide for Sharepoint 2010? Can you give me pointers on Windows
2008 Hardening or security checklist?

Thank you in advance.

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