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Re: Detecting Brute-Force and Dictionary attacks Nov 08 2006 05:22PM
Sebastiaan Veenstra (sebastiaan veenstra gmail com)

I didn't read the whole discussion about this issue but I came up with
an idea which might be usefull to detect brute force attempt. By
storing the passwords a certain user has used in the past along with
the current password you could be able to compare to password (by
pattern matching) used at the login attempts with the passwords list.
If the password used differs significantly (this excludes typos) from
the entries in the password list, there could be a possible brute
force attempt. The reason for storing the previous passwords is that
people tend to use every password they've used in the past when they
forgot their password. Maybe this idea can be used along with the
other methods of detecting brute force attempts. Anyway, it's just a
random thought.



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