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Re: Linux Hardening Oct 21 2007 11:32AM
Liran Cohen (theog rct co il) (2 replies)
I completely agree providing you have the time and dont have a couple of
dozens of Linux machines to maintain daily, in many cases you have to
make a sensible choice what would be worth more or in other words asses
where the risk is higher and invest most of your efforts there.

Ajai Khattri wrote:
> On Wed, 17 Oct 2007, Liran Cohen wrote:
>> what is the machine's location on your network (LAN\DMZ etc...) what is
>> the machine role, you should ask yourself some questions before
>> approaching hardening, I would not put the same effort on a machine
>> which is located on my LAN as much as I would make sure that DMZ
>> machines are protected
> I believe even machines on internal networks should all run local
> firewalls at the very least. There's always some Windoze user using
> Outlook and clicking on an email attachment they shouldn't click on...

Liran Cohen

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Re: Linux Hardening Oct 23 2007 01:40AM
Greg Metcalfe (metcalfegreg qwest net)
Re: Linux Hardening Oct 22 2007 06:13PM
Ansgar -59cobalt- Wiechers (bugtraq planetcobalt net)


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