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Vulnerability and Patch-Management in Linux (and other Unix) Jun 19 2008 12:58PM
Rainer Duffner (rainer ultra-secure de)

we've amassed a veritable "zoo" of Unix-versions: RHEL4+5, CentOS5,
FreeBSD, Ubuntu and lately Solaris.
We use these for a variety of reasons and each system does its job quite

However, patch-management seems to be a weak spot in most cases.
RedHat offers "RedHat Network", but it costs a lot of money (and they
charge more if you want to put your servers in groups in the RHN - WTF?)
FreeBSD offers the portaudit database - we should be able to hack
together something with that.
But what about CentOS? If you have an array of CentOS servers - how do
you track which vulnerabilities each one has?
Running yum update every night is no option.

Does CentOS also maintain a vulnerability database along the lines of
How about Solaris?

How do you track vulnerabilities across your datacenter?



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