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Detection evasion technique by invalid UTF-8 sequences Mar 23 2009 02:44AM
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Re: Detection evasion technique by invalid UTF-8 sequences Mar 27 2009 01:11AM
Frank Knobbe (frank knobbe us)
On Mon, 2009-03-23 at 11:44 +0900, bugtraq01 (at) (dot) jp [email concealed] wrote:
> Detection by IDS/IPS/WAF(Web Application Firewall) is evaded by
> inserting invalid UTF-8 sequences on the way of SQL keywords(select,
> union, declare and so on).

I'm curious, which IDS/IPS/WAF products have you tested that were not
able to properly normalize the URL parameters?

Which products are affected? If the IDS/IPS/WAF products are able to
normalize the traffic properly, where is the problem?


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