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PCI DSS 11.1 - ".. deploying a wireless IDS/IPS..". Kismet+Snort? Apr 23 2009 07:50PM
Taras P. Ivashchenko (taras securityaudit ru)
Hello, list!

There is requirement in PCI DSS v.1.2:

"...11.1 Test for the presence of wireless access points by using a wireless
analyzer at least quarterly or deploying a wireless IDS/IPS to identify all wireless
devices in use..."

I made some research for open source wireless IDSs and results are not good.
I found some articles about using together Kismet and Snort but it looks like not best soliution.
Air Snort project is dead.
What wireless IDS/IPS (especially opensource/free) do you use?

ТаÑ?ас Ð?ваÑ?енко (Taras Ivashchenko), OSCP
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