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x-forwarded-for an IDS capability Apr 29 2009 04:27AM
James (jimbob coffey gmail com) (3 replies)
Re: x-forwarded-for an IDS capability Apr 29 2009 05:56PM
Seth Hall (hall 692 osu edu)
Re: x-forwarded-for an IDS capability Apr 29 2009 04:00PM
Arian J. Evans (arian evans anachronic com)
RE: x-forwarded-for an IDS capability Apr 29 2009 02:55PM
Hellman, Matthew (Hellman Matthew principal com)
That's a nice idea, I personally haven't seen or heard of it being implemented. If you can get a trace with the alert you might see it there. Also, a SIM should be able to do this for you (by means of including the firewall/router/proxy logs and correlating them).

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>>Hi List,
>>Does anyone know of an IDS vendor/or opensource product that has the
>>capability of associating
>>an ip address in an x-forwarded-for http header with an IDS event ?
>>This includes events that fire on a download as well so there would
>>need to be some
>>kind of internal http state management.
>>I notice this request from Jason Haars back in 2004 to the snort
>>mailing list but I can't seem to find anything else on this in google

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