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IPS - Cisco vs. McAfee vs. Tippingpoint Jul 29 2009 12:25PM
Hurgel Bumpf (l0rd_lunatic yahoo com)

Hi List,

i need to protect a "realtime" website with an inline IPS from (D)DOS attacks.

I had some bad experience with Tippingpoint UnityOne 2400 field test. The device dropped to much sessions until all connectivity was lost.
After that no investigation was not possible as TP logs all attack information with IP address

The vendor excused this with the layered technology and passing the IP address from the hardware to the logger would lead to delayed packages)

This is unacceptable.

i'm now looking forward to test a Cisco IPS 4270-20 and a McAfee Network Security 4050 appliance.

Who has a good/bad experience with that devices? Is it true that all devices don't log ip adresses?

My dream appliance would be able to run like in a 7 day learning mode which counts max new sessions per second, max sessions per client aso. After this 7 days it creates a filter with +x% of the learned values and sets these limits active.

A big problem is that i have to install it into the productive system to get the real values. I dont have any fixed values regarding the new sessions per second and i cant just guess and set values and render the system offline.

All information is highly appreciated!

Thank you very much for your time,


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