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Re: RE: IPS - Cisco vs. McAfee vs. Tippingpoint - Tried Arbor and Top Layer? Jul 29 2009 07:15PM
jfarley hush com

> i need to protect a "realtime" website with an >inline IPS from (D)DOS attacks.

I'd keep in mind that the latest DDoS attacks are not limited to HTTP-based floods and use a variety of DDoS vectors to bring your website down. For instance, the DDoS from the Korean botnet -
ifts.html - involved sending normal HTTP queries asking for an index page, SYN floods, UDP floods, IP proto floods etc. So the vendor probably needs to provide more comprehensive DDoS protection, not just HTTP flood protection.

> My dream appliance would be able to run like in a 7 day learning mode which

> counts max new sessions per second, max sessions per client aso. After this 7

> days it creates a filter with +x% of the learned values and sets these limits

> active.

I believe either Arbor Peakflow or Top Layer IPS 5500 do what you described and much more for DDoS. In our experience, Arbor is a little better at botnet protection and Top Layer is at DDoS and file-based attack protection. Both have pretty comprehensive security protection as well - MS vulnerabilities, attachments etc. Cisco and ISS are good, too, but not as flexible when it comes to DDoS analysis and support.


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