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Excluding the bulk of UDP from IPS processing - What's the impact? Aug 26 2009 12:16PM
Bikram Gupta (bikramkgupta gmail com)
Scenario: Perimeter IPS deployment, with Stateful firewall at the egress point.

Traffic from out to in: Firewall will block all unsolicited UDP ports.
For the UDP ports where traffic is allowed (RTP data etc) through
firewall, do I have to pass it though IPS engine? Will there be cases
of exploits in such cases? Some examples please.

Traffic from in to out: I believe IPS processing for UDP flows must be
enabled here.. to detect some of the p2p, IM, skype, trojan etc

I am trying to understand the impact, if I bypass the UDP flows from
IPS device? Can this be done realistically for some UDP traffic
(in->out, out->in), or NONE?

Thanks a lot.


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