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XArp 2.1.0 - ARP Spoofing Detection - new version and changed license: its free Jul 07 2010 07:02AM
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XArp - ARP Spoofing Detection - has made a huge step and is now available
in version 2.1.0.

Most important changes:
-increased stability
-available for Linux and Windows
-changed license model

XArp is now free to use for unlimited time and fully functional! The
XArp Professional version is available for purchase for unlocking
advanced features.

XArp has been desinged for the sole purpose of detecting ARP attacks. As such it is a highly specialized application intended for users and administrators. The detection mechanism is based on two techniques: inspection modules and discoverers. Inspection modules look at each ARP packet, check its correctness and validity in respect to databases they built up. Discoverers actively validate IP-MAC mappings and help to deect attackers actively. XArp helps users to detect ARP attacks and keep their data private. Administrators can use XArp to monitor whole subnets for ARP attacks. Different security levels and fine tuning possibilities allow normal and power user to efficiently use XArp to detect ARP attacks.


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