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Thanks Frederico,

this network is a closed network only known users have access to this
network. But in the past it happened that viruses and worms get into this
network over USB-Sticks, which have to be used for working reason. This was
a reason why many problems occured and the network had performance problems.
the network is a high availability network.

Now the company want to have an IDS together with some authentication tools.
(already exist in the company)
I have to implement this into the network but before I have to test if this
IDS-System will act in the right way.

It is a network for voice and video-on-demand and signaling.

Hope this answer satisfy you.

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On Jul 22, 2010, at 2:11 PM, info (at) cotorodas (dot) com [email concealed] wrote:

> I have to test a IDS-System and I am looking for a small programm which is
able to test all kind of possible Intrusions.

well, this is still an open research problem. To begin, "all kind of
possible intrusions" is ill defined: how could you possibly enumerate "all
kind of possible intrusions" ?

If you tell us a little bit more about your domain or give us a little bit
of context so to understand what your are trying to achieve, then we will be
more than happy to help.

-- Fede

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