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IDS causing troubles Feb 01 2011 09:53AM
Shang Tsung (shangtsung71 gmail com)

We have the following problem. Now and then, the IDS will cause
disruptions to the network, especially after updates. We have an IBM
(ex ISS) Intrusion Detection System with a few network sensors and
several host sensors. The IDS is not managed by us but we have it

The disruptions mentioned above cause our network engineers extreme
dissatisfaction (and anxiety) about the IDS and they would "burn the
damn thing", if they could. We have 2 - 3 serious issues, causing
downtime, per year.

My questions are:

- Are any of you experience the same issues?
- Is these disruptions common to others or should we seriously
consider replacing the IDS and/or the outsourcing company?
- Could this be an issue with our network infrastructure?

I will appreciate any thoughts.


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