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Pandora 1.1 released! May 16 2005 09:00AM
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Pandora v1.1 is released. This is a major release from 1.0 and
contains a lot of new features, improved stability and bugfixes from
version 1.0.

The new version is available at

Pandora is a distributed system to monitor processes, performance,
status, application or operating parameter of almost any system (AIX,
Solaris, Linux, Windows, BSD and Nokia's IPSO). It has a
descentralized management system, based in flexible user profiles,
that allows to generate graphical reports, define alarms, and a full
incident management system to operate a 24x7 monitoring team.

A demo of the Web console is available in, user demo, password demo

Pandora has been published under GPL License. Queries, bug reports and
comments on Pandora can be sent to <pandora at>. Please
feel free to send any comments to us!.

Pandora Features

* Web Interface for management and operation
* Native support for all major operating systems.
* Agent-based arquitecture
* Agents are fully customizable. Support to capture data from ANY
source (databases, operating system, files, network, applications,
* Agent-driven event reporting
* Alert generation
* Profile-based management
* Audit features
* Graphical reporting
* Multilanguage
* Relational Database Backend (MySQL)
* Asyncronous normalized Database
* Database Automatic Management
* Distributed, hardware independent, arquitecture
* Custom alert actions (mail, sms or whatever your need)
* Multilevel scalable architecture, with HA support
* All components are script-based (Perl, PHP, VSH, ShellScript)

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