Cisco IOS Software TELNET Option Handling Vulnerability

Bugtraq ID: 1123
Class: Input Validation Error
CVE: CVE-2000-0268
Remote: Yes
Local: No
Published: Apr 20 2000 12:00AM
Updated: Mar 19 2015 08:52AM
Credit: This vulnerability was originally discovered with a version of CyberCop Scanner from Network Associates. The public release of this information was in a Cisco security advisory posted to the Bugtraq mailing list on April 19, 2000.
Vulnerable: Cisco Voice Gateway AS5800
Cisco ubr7200
Cisco System Controller SC3640
Cisco IOS 12.0.7
Cisco IOS 12.0.6
Cisco IOS 12.0.5
Cisco IOS 12.0.4 T
Cisco IOS 12.0.4 S
Cisco IOS 12.0.4
Cisco IOS 12.0.3 T2
Cisco IOS 12.0.2 XG
Cisco IOS 12.0.2 XF
Cisco IOS 12.0.2 XD
Cisco IOS 12.0.2 XC
Cisco IOS 12.0.2
Cisco IOS 12.0(7)T
Cisco IOS 12.0(5)
Cisco IOS 12.0(4)T
Cisco IOS 11.3AA
Cisco HSRP 7500.0
Cisco HSRP 7200.0
Cisco HSRP 7100.0
Cisco HSRP 3660.0
Cisco Cable Router ubr7200
Cisco AS5800
Cisco AS5300
Cisco AS5200
Cisco AccessPath VS-3
Cisco AccessPath TS-3
Cisco AccessPath LS-3
Cisco Access Server AS5800
Cisco Access Server AS5300
Cisco Access Server AS5200
Cisco 7500
Cisco 7200
Cisco 7100
Cisco 3660
Not Vulnerable:


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