PopTop PPTP Server GRE Packet Denial Of Service Vulnerability

Bugtraq ID: 23886
Class: Design Error
CVE: CVE-2007-0244
Remote: Yes
Local: No
Published: May 08 2007 12:00AM
Updated: Oct 01 2007 07:29PM
Credit: This issue was disclosed to Debian Security Advisory DSA 1288-1.
Vulnerable: Ubuntu Ubuntu Linux 7.04 sparc
Ubuntu Ubuntu Linux 7.04 powerpc
Ubuntu Ubuntu Linux 7.04 i386
Ubuntu Ubuntu Linux 7.04 amd64
Ubuntu Ubuntu Linux 6.10 sparc
Ubuntu Ubuntu Linux 6.10 powerpc
Ubuntu Ubuntu Linux 6.10 i386
Ubuntu Ubuntu Linux 6.10 amd64
Ubuntu Ubuntu Linux 6.06 LTS sparc
Ubuntu Ubuntu Linux 6.06 LTS powerpc
Ubuntu Ubuntu Linux 6.06 LTS i386
Ubuntu Ubuntu Linux 6.06 LTS amd64
SuSE Linux Professional 10.2 x86_64
SuSE Linux Personal 10.2 x86_64
S.u.S.E. openSUSE 10.2
S.u.S.E. Linux Professional 10.2
S.u.S.E. Linux Personal 10.2
PoPToP PPTP Server 1.3.4
PoPToP PPTP Server 1.3
Gentoo Linux
Debian Linux 4.0 sparc
Debian Linux 4.0 s/390
Debian Linux 4.0 powerpc
Debian Linux 4.0 mipsel
Debian Linux 4.0 mips
Debian Linux 4.0 m68k
Debian Linux 4.0 ia-64
Debian Linux 4.0 ia-32
Debian Linux 4.0 hppa
Debian Linux 4.0 arm
Debian Linux 4.0 amd64
Debian Linux 4.0 alpha
Debian Linux 4.0
Not Vulnerable:


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