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Windows Active Directory Domains 2014-07-08
joeb1kenobe gmail com (3 replies)
I have a scenario where I am trying to evaluate the security benefits of an Active Directory domain structure.

We will call the company XYX Inc. They have an AD Forest/Domain for general users. They also have a separate AD Forest/Domain for their HR Users that is behind a firewall.

The claim is t

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RE: Windows Active Directory Domains 2014-07-09
Michael Sturtz (Michael Sturtz PACCAR com)
Re: Windows Active Directory Domains 2014-07-09
Will Boling (will willboling com)
RE: Windows Active Directory Domains 2014-07-09
Chris Wessells (cwessells metasource com)
Abusing Oracle's CREATE DATABASE LINK Privilege for fun and Profit 2014-07-08
Sumit Siddharth (sid notsosecure com)
A small blog on how a web based SQLi can be abused to obtain privilege
escalation and ultimately remote code execution against Oracle Database:



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White hat referral request 2014-07-04
Rællic Systems (director raellic com) (1 replies)

So far I've been laughed out of #crypto and #security. Could someone suggest where else to find professional info security consultants who are reasonably comfortable working with regular people? Project is a communications system for journalists, and others if it is good enough.



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Re: White hat referral request 2014-07-04
Matthew Crouse (Matthew Crouse smartandfinal com) (1 replies)
Re: White hat referral request 2014-07-04
Rællic Systems (director raellic com) (1 replies)
Re: White hat referral request 2014-07-06
Rællic Systems (director raellic com)
Fake Security Certificate 2014-07-04
Muhammad Saqib (devj nullj gmail com) (2 replies)
Hello All

I am in a little bit of fix relating to security of my office email
and thought to seek advice of community here.

I work in a small company and our office email is hosted on Google. A
few days ago, I tried to change the password of my email and instead
of opening the usual Google page fo

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Re: Fake Security Certificate 2014-07-04
Security Admin (security planetkips nl)
RE: Fake Security Certificate 2014-07-04
Dennis E. Hamilton (dennis hamilton acm org) (1 replies)
Re: Fake Security Certificate 2014-07-08
Muhammad Saqib (devj nullj gmail com)
Re: DDoS protection 2014-06-25
Comp Pycho (computer pycho gmail com)
The concept of cloud computing did not get popular until NIST made it a standard and ordered the gov't to move 30% of their IT infrastructure to the cloud. Cloud was a concept of IBM sine 1984 it was not coined cloud computing by them but the concept is theirs. FedRamp is always based off the latest

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[HITB-Announce] #HITB2014KUL round 1 CFP submission deadline in < 1 week 2014-06-24
Hafez Kamal (aphesz hackinthebox org)
The deadline to submit your papers for the the 12th and FINAL HITB
Security Conference in Malaysia is just around the corner! Paper
selection will be done in two rounds:

ROUND 1 DEADLINE: 30th June 2014
FINAL DEADLINE: 31st July 2014

HITBSecConf2014 - Malaysia takes place at Intercontinental Kuala

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Re: RE: Re: DDoS protection 2014-06-23
kartik netsec gmail com (1 replies)
Guys, thanks a lot for your replies. I appreciate that.

When I say small Org, I meant geographically and the number of employees within the Org. The turnover is humongous. As I said in the earlier posts, a delay/ latency in a millisecond counts when transactions take place (transactions = bread & b

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RE: RE: Re: DDoS protection 2014-06-23
mike bakerross co uk
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