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searching for better job in security field 2006-08-29
anil162975 yahoo co in
i have worked 18 years in indian navy and 18 months in p&o cruises as security patrolman. I wish to do manager level job in security field.Can you please help me

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Where to start? 2006-08-19
Thomas Williams (tlw1mac comcast net) (1 replies)
I am not too far away from completing the ITT Information System
Security course. This will give me a bachelor degree. I've been told
that there are a number of different things I can get into but no one
seems to be able to tell just exactly what. I was told by one instructor
that the ITT pr

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Re: Where to start? 2006-08-25
Nick Puetz (nickpuetz gmail com)
How to transition into Security/IA from other IT areas? 2006-08-16
nnmiller gmail com
I am hoping that folks with experience:

* transitioning from some other area of IT into Security/IA

* managers/recruiters of Security/IA positions

would be willing to share their suggestions for strategies to make such a career change.



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San Jose Security Conference 2006-02-13
ken taylor citrix com
Representatives from Citrix Systems will be attending the RSA Security Conference February 14, 15, and 16. Individuals who may be attending this fair who would be interested in discussing future career opportunities in security development with Citrix are invited to contact Ken Taylor at (954-229-6

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Re: offer letter questions 2006-02-06
mr nasty ix netcom com
Lots of good concerns. Before proceeding further you should get your concerns answered in writing. You don't want to be left in the middle of no-where, pennyless.

I'm not a sub-contractor. I earn a salary and I contract my services on the side. I've never been a sub-contractor but I've also nev

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Certifications bubble?? 2006-02-01
mr nasty ix netcom com
I just read an old article on SC Magazine, (I?m catching up.)

?Time to pop the certification bubble?, by Ron Condon Dec 3 2004 16:17. Basically he states, ?Are professional standards really slipping?? The article states that ?the industry's leading certification dismissed as being "a mile wide an

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offer letter questions 2006-02-05
6c 61 64 79 33 6a 61 6e 65 gmail com (2 replies)
while i have worked on a contract basis before, i recently received my
first offer letter/contract from a sub-contractor and have some concerns
i am hoping some of you more experienced in this area maybe be able to
shed some light on. i have read the syngress book infosec career hacking
which has, w

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Re: offer letter questions 2006-02-19
diegoeskryptic highstream net (1 replies)
Re: offer letter questions 2006-02-25
6c 61 64 79 33 6a 61 6e 65 gmail com
RE: offer letter questions 2006-02-06
Joe_Wulf (Joe_Wulf yahoo com)
Re: Counsel needed from the experts 2005-05-05
Dominik Kallusky (D Kallusky gmx net)
@Gary S. Elliott:

Thanks for your great text.
I am from Europe/Germany.

I never heard about "National Centers of Academic Excellence in IA
Education", before.
Thus I read your very interesting answer and each link twice.
Just to ensure, I understood everything, I will try to sum up some of the

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Counsel needed from the experts 2005-05-03
Dominik Kallusky (D Kallusky gmx net) (1 replies)
My name is Dominik Kallusky, I am 17 years old and I will graduate from
school next year.
Then I am going to study at an anglophone University.
I am highly interested in Computer Security and Hacking, so I am looking
for a University, whose Computer Science faculty is focused on those topics
more th

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Re: Counsel needed from the experts 2005-05-03
Kinnell (kinnell t gmail com) (1 replies)
Re: Counsel needed from the experts 2005-05-04
rajat swarup (rajats gmail com)
Cissp in NYC seeks fulltime employment 2005-04-26
Leon (roastin yahoo com) (1 replies)

8 years experience in the field, certified by
Checkpoint, Microsoft, Cisco.

Please contact me via e-mail to schedule a time to
talk, recieve my resume and discuss what I am looking
for in my search.



Do you Yahoo!?
Yahoo! Small Busine

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fresh graduate from college... 2005-04-27
Varun Pitale (varun pitale gmail com)
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