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FreeBSD Security Advisory FreeBSD-SA-16:15.sysarch [REVISED] 2016-10-25
FreeBSD Security Advisories (security-advisories freebsd org)
CVE-2016-6804 Apache OpenOffice Windows Installer Untrusted Search Path 2016-10-25
Dennis E. Hamilton (orcmid apache org)
wincvs- Privilege Escalation 2016-10-25
apparitionsec gmail com
APPLE-SA-2016-10-24-3 Safari 10.0.1 2016-10-24
Apple Product Security (product-security-noreply lists apple com)
[SECURITY] [DSA 3698-1] php5 security update 2016-10-24
Salvatore Bonaccorso (carnil debian org)
Puppet Enterprise Web Interface User Enumeration 2016-10-21
apparitionsec gmail com
Oracle Netbeans IDE v8.1 Import Directory Traversal 2016-10-21
apparitionsec gmail com
ESA-2016-111: EMC Avamar Data Store and Avamar Virtual Edition Privilege Escalation Vulnerability 2016-10-20
EMC Product Security Response Center (Security_Alert emc com)
Cisco Security Advisory: Cisco ASA Software Identity Firewall Feature Buffer Overflow Vulnerability 2016-10-19
Cisco Systems Product Security Incident Response Team (psirt cisco com)
[SECURITY] [DSA 3695-1] quagga security update 2016-10-18
Florian Weimer (fw deneb enyo de)
[SECURITY] [DSA 3694-1] tor security update 2016-10-18
Moritz Muehlenhoff (jmm debian org)
[ERPSCAN-16-030] SAP NetWeaver - buffer overflow vulnerability 2016-10-17
ERPScan inc (erpscan online gmail com)
[SECURITY] [DSA 3693-1] libgd2 security update 2016-10-14
Moritz Muehlenhoff (jmm debian org)
Snort v2.9.7.0-WIN32 DLL Hijack 2016-10-12
apparitionsec gmail com
ZendStudio IDE v13.5.1 Privilege Escalation 2016-10-12
apparitionsec gmail com
Cisco Security Advisory: Cisco Meeting Server Client Authentication Bypass Vulnerability 2016-10-12
Cisco Systems Product Security Incident Response Team (psirt cisco com)
Multiple Vulnerabilities in Plone CMS 2016-10-12
Sebastian Perez (s3bap3 gmail com)
Facebook API v2.1 - RFC6749 Open Redirect Vulnerability 2016-10-11
Vulnerability Lab (research vulnerability-lab com)
Contenido v4.9.11 CMS - (Backend) Multiple XSS Vulnerabilities 2016-10-11
admin@evolution-sec.com (admin evolution-sec com)
[SEARCH-LAB advisory] AVTECH IP Camera, NVR, DVR multiple vulnerabilities 2016-10-11
Gergely Eberhardt (gergely eberhardt search-lab hu)
SEC Consult SA-20161011-0 :: XXE vulnerability in RSA Enterprise Compromise Assessment Tool (ECAT) 2016-10-11
SEC Consult Vulnerability Lab (research sec-consult com)
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